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Fiber optic cable and optical cable sheathing line
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Gantry ground rail moving take-up , off frame series
Φ2500~Φ5000gantry ground rail moving type A close row , off frame
Φ1250~Φ2500Single girder gantry hanging close row, line planes
Φ1600~Φ2500Single Column double girder gantry hanging close row, line planes
Φ5000 to roll up machine
TQD Ⅱ series pneumatic crawler tractor
Package with tractor
Φ500-Φ1250 swing arm type closing platoon , put the line planes
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YYJ type meter printer

  Used to meter the lettering on the surface of the cable or pipe.
Main technical parameters:
  The range of the cable diameter: 10 ~ 120 mm
  Marking the meter length: < 150 m/min
  The range and accuracy of the meter: 0 ~ 9999 m, plus or minus 0.3%
  Range and accuracy of temperature control: room temperature to 200 ℃, + / - 5 ℃
  Heating power: 220 v, 0.5 kw.
  Fan power, three-phase 380 c, 1.1 kw. machine
Structure and features:
 The machine USES passive thermal printing way will the coating thermal printing on the ribbon in the cable or pipe material on the surface. Clear, strong adhesion, indelible and at the same time accurately marking meter, way better than ink printed.
 Printing block is by electric heating, there is no high precision temperature control system, stable printing quality.
 The skills to ensure that the meter accuracy within + / - 0.3% range, convenient operation and use.

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