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TQD Ⅱ series pneumatic crawler tractor
Package with tractor
Φ500-Φ1250 swing arm type closing platoon , put the line planes
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Package with tractor

  ■ This equipment is mainly used for CCV crosslinked rubber continuous vulcanizationproduction line and production line for upper and lower traction.
Main technical parameters:
  ■ Traction wheel diameter: Φ 1600; Φ 2000; Φ 2500
  ■ Traction wheel groove width: 120 ~ 150 mm
  ■ Traction speed: 1 ~ 35 m (Max = 50 m)
  ■ The traction: 1000 ~ 3000 kg
  ■ Main motor power: 11 ~ 15 w (dc or ac frequency conversion motor)
  ■ Into the outlet Angle: 15 ~ 25 ° (can be customized according to the requirements of customers)
  ■ Center (tangent point height) formulated according to the requirements of customers.
  ■ Driving mode:
    - four shift transmission - turbine box - motor pinion - big gear ring - traction wheel

Structure features:
  ■ Equipment rack is made of high quality steel overall welding structure, strong and durable.
  ■ Traction belt adopts linear guide set + tensioning cylinder method, motion precision is high.
  ■ Under way into the line is divided into into on the lower left into the upper left, lower right in the lower right out, such as horizontal lines, can be vertically into the line.
  ■ Internal and external traction belt, transmission precision is high, not sliding, protect the cable surface from damage.
  ■ Tractors imported full digital dc speed regulating device (or frequency), with the joint production line electrical control and PLC programmable controller control, to realize the automatic production line of synchronous operation.
  ■ Tailored for the user design, perfectly combined with production line, into a new automated production line.
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