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CCV / VCV crosslinked line domestic support
SJ30×25~SJ200×25series insulated sheathing extruder
Fiber optic cable and optical cable sheathing line
Box-type stranding machine
Gantry ground rail moving take-up , off frame series
Φ2500~Φ5000gantry ground rail moving type A close row , off frame
Φ1250~Φ2500Single girder gantry hanging close row, line planes
Φ1600~Φ2500Single Column double girder gantry hanging close row, line planes
Φ5000 to roll up machine
TQD Ⅱ series pneumatic crawler tractor
Package with tractor
Φ500-Φ1250 swing arm type closing platoon , put the line planes
Various auxiliary
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Fiber optic cable and optical cable sheathing line
Equipment use:
   ■ This equipment can be used for loose tube oil filled CengJiaoShi production of internal and external sheath of optical cable. At the same time can also be used for parallel twin wire center tube optical cable and (ADSS) all medium ZiChengShi extrusion production of aerial optical cable.
Main technical parameters:
   ■ Core diameter: Ф 30 out of outside diameter (mm) : 3.0 ~ 5.0 ~ 35 Ф (mm) production line speed: Max60m/min
   ■ Extruder: SJ10 x 25, (BM screw), 350 kg/h
        Z4 dc motor, 110 kw, 1500 RPM
        SJ10 x 25, (BM screw), 250 kg/h
        Z4 dc motor, 90 kw, 1500 RPM (ADSS) spinning nylon yarn regiment Numbers: 2 x 24 regiment
   ■ Spinning nylon yarn regiment release tension, 3-30 N + / - 1.5 N (using mitsubishi magnetic powder brake)
   ■ Tractor: TQD800kg pneumatic crawler tractors

   ■ Equipment configuration complete, reasonable, and the main parts adopt imported components or joint products, advanced structure, good appearance, easy to use.
   ■ Special configuration of 2 x 24 aramid fiber twister, for production (ADSS) optical cables, which can realize multi-usage.
   ■ Use of single column double beam overhead suspension motorized, stable and reliable performance. Special Φ 800 double store line tension controller, effectively prevent the pay-off tension instability, in the process of the cable core is damage to the wire core.
   ■ The whole machine adopts PLC programmable controller and industrial computer (PC) joint control, main parameters in the industrial computer screen and set, human-machine interface, be clear at a glance and easily manipulated. With power off memory and storage function, fault display and alarm, etc., can easily call or store ? production workers

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