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CCV / VCV crosslinked line domestic support
SJ30×25~SJ200×25series insulated sheathing extruder
Fiber optic cable and optical cable sheathing line
Box-type stranding machine
Gantry ground rail moving take-up , off frame series
Φ2500~Φ5000gantry ground rail moving type A close row , off frame
Φ1250~Φ2500Single girder gantry hanging close row, line planes
Φ1600~Φ2500Single Column double girder gantry hanging close row, line planes
Φ5000 to roll up machine
TQD Ⅱ series pneumatic crawler tractor
Package with tractor
Φ500-Φ1250 swing arm type closing platoon , put the line planes
Various auxiliary
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SJ30×25~SJ200×25series insulated sheathing extruder

Equipment use:
   ■ Mainly used for all kinds of cable and sheath layer.
Device configuration:
   ■ Master (are) powered pay-off frame - auxiliary tractor - extrusion host (head, press device), cooling the stainless steel water trough (dry), pneumatic type flat belt take-up line, the tractor frame
Structure features:
   ■ 1. extruder screw, barrel adopt 38 crmoaia alloy steel with high quality, for processing precision design, and the nitriding processing, nitriding depth 0.4 0.8 mm, hardness HV p. 850; Screw structure specially suited for processing PE, PVC cable materials (BM).
   ■ 2. temperature measuring element with domestic high-quality Pt100 platinum resistance.
   ■ 3. domestic made high quality hard tooth surface reducer JHM series dedicated to accelerate the box.
   ■ 4. using the wind to cool. With automatic cooling fan heating point below the districts.
   ■ 5.Main drive motor
     A. the main motor adopts dc speed regulating motor, controller for continental series products
     B. the main motor adopts frequency conversion motor, controller of Siemens or danfoss series products
   ■ 6. mercury, stainless steel sink with glen's hot water cooling, with automatic water and overflow and drain function, in and out of the water is made of stainless steel valves, with traction trolley and open cluster is blown dry.
   ■ 7. the whole machine adopts Siemens PLC control, master control touch screen is equipped with temperature and the linear velocity, the screw rotation speed, the mechanical and electrical flow, such as meter length display.

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