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Wuxi Power : Turn green channel service military and harmony
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    NEEDHAM, Massachusetts, January 15 , Wuxi Taihu power line construction company focusing on organizational team nearly a hundred workers in the construction Liangxi blackout Plum segment will be too waterline and associated 35 kV lines, towers successfully migrated to the south side of the road
   35 kv too line put into operation in 1996, given the current lines, roads, environment and surrounding factors such as the city overall plan, the Eiffel Tower and the circuit design in the north of road, just pass in tin gun carried barracks door, although in GanXian distance and so on various aspects meet the safety requirements, but, after all, travel inconvenience to forces, also affect the training and combat readiness work at ordinary times. In order to force the overall construction and the need of national defense readiness, and all of the municipal party committee of nanjing military region put forward migration route request as soon as possible. At the end of November last year, wuxi power supply company received a cannon was carried GanXian barracks door after migration task, use it as a service in the work of the municipal party committee, is a matter of special engineering flexibly, which achieved "relationship. Company general manager zhou zhigang organized special . 
    After clear overhead lines construction plan, the company in the case of a power engineering busy overcome various difficulties, out of the line outage plan, mobilize all professional forces at the same time, the company development quickly contact with city planning bureau, implement the migration path and channel. Due to the migration engineering time is tight, the Marketing Department in accordance with the "center office, urgent do quickly" principle, open a green channel for business application approval process, each major cut full cooperation, on the premise of ensure safety to simplify working procedures, speed up the circulation, greatly shorten the design review and approval cycle. Liang Xi business hall manager and staff give up day off, for days on site inspection to verify project related data and information, in the shortest possible time to complete the migration project party . 
    The project need to dismantle the original 35 kv tower four base, set up new 35 kv, 10 kv four corner tower base, and set up concrete pole, put tension lines, etc., and live near big ring taihu road traffic, construction environment is complex, normally need at least 3 days, but three days of power will inevitably affect the many businesses and residents around the user. For this purpose, the company conduct the thorough research to the relevant units, an elaborate plan, finally determine the 15 day power construction is done in time. Is responsible for the construction of the taihu lake in turbine company at the end of November as soon as I take over engineering in road south according to design requirements for cast iron tower foundation, on January 4, namely set up 400 meters 3 new steel poles and wires, all the preparation work before the scheduled outages. 15 coincides with the winter cold that day, for the construction.

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