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Optical fiber manufacturing process of technical points
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Optical fiber manufacturing process of technical points:
1、The quality fibers depends largely on the purity of raw materials , chemical reagents used as starting material to be strictly purified , the metal impurity content should be less than a few ppb, hydrogen-containing compound in an amount of less than 1ppm, in the reaction of oxygen and other gases .
2、Optical fiber manufacturing should be performed in the purification of constant temperature environment, the optical fiber preform, wire drawing and measurement should be in above of 10000 grade purification workshop of cleanliness. In optical fiber drawing furnace forming parts should reach more than 100 level. The optical fiber preform sedimentary area should be performed in a sealed environment. Optical fiber manufacturing equipment on all gas pipeline during the intermittent work, all should fill nitrogen protection, avoid moisture in the air into the tube, optical fiber performance.
3、The stability of the optical fiber quality depends on the processing technology parameters of stability. In MCVD process, for example: to be used to control the reaction gas flow mass flow controller test correction of online or not online on a regular basis, so as to ensure the accuracy of the control flow; To measure temperature of the infrared temperature measuring instrument test using blackbody radiation system calibration on a regular basis, so as to ensure the accuracy of measuring temperature; To each moving parts of glass lathe check regularly, to ensure its stable running parameters. Only keep a stable process parameters, is likely to continue to produce the stable quality of fiber optic products.
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